The best investment you can make for your wedding is to work with an experienced professional photographer who is able to deliver an engaging and creative portfolio of images. Put yourself in a position of one year on from the wedding day. What have you actually got, apart from the memories, in the way of tangible mementos? The dress maybe, hanging in a wardrobe ready to passed on to a daughter? Some preserved flowers perhaps? But to really relive the day and bring it back to life, most couples would reach for the album, because a beautifully printed and bound album is the very embodiment of the spirit of the day.

Perhaps your budget doesn't run to a full album and yes, they are quite expensive. In that case, a close second best is our video slide show, set to your favourite music and viewable on any device in high definition. And the video slide show comes with EVERY collection that we offer. 

We have three collections: the digital-only Silver Collection, and the digital-plus-album Gold and Platinum Collections.  In the price lists below we have set out exactly what we will deliver; we want to be sure that you are completely clear about exactly what you a getting and you can be assured that there are no "hidden extras". Actually, that's not quite true; EVERY couple will receive a little gift from us, but right now we're not going to tell you what it is!

The Platinum Collection

Here's what we offer for an all-inclusive price of £1800:

  • A pre-wedding shoot to allow you to get to know us
  • A signing board or signing book with pictures from the pre-wedding shoot
  • Unlimited full day coverage from bridal preparations to first dance and beyond
  • Full resolution images without any watermarks or logos in a beautiful presentation USB case
  • A video slide show of the best images, set to music
  • A password-protected web gallery with facilities to buy additional prints
  • A top-of-the-range album from One Vision Imaging (consistently voted best professional photographic lab)

The Gold Collection

The Gold Collection has everything from the Platinum collection with the difference that the album is a little less luxurious. This collection costs £1600.

The Silver Collection

The Silver Collection has everything from the Platinum collection, but without the album. This collection costs £950.