Here are the answers to some of the questions that we're often asked.


Q How much do you charge to attend our event?

A Nothing! Your guests buy prints at the event.


Q How much do prints cost?

A It's £10 for a 9"x6" print in a card mount.


Q How long does it take to make a print?

A We have state-of-the-art dye sublimation printers that produce high quality prints in under 30 seconds.


Q How much space do you need?

A We need a minimum space of about 5 metres by 5 metres for the backdrop, lights, and sales station.


Q What sort of lights do you use?

We use up to four Bowens studio flash units with umbrellas and softboxes to create the sort of flattering light that you would find in any professional studio.


Q Do you need a power supply?

A Yes; our studio lights, printers and computers need mains power. All our mains-operated equipment has a current PAT certificate.


Q Are you insured?

A Yes, we have public liability and employers liability insurance.


Q Can we buy digital files?

A Yes, low resolution files (with our logo) suitable for sharing on social media cost £5; high resolution files with no logo cost £10.